ISSUE: Email Subscribe™ Forward & Redirect does not work the way I would expect

If you are forwarding or redirecting messages from your email client and you are not seeing a properly formatted, HTML style, email show up in your Email Subscribe™, that is, unfortunately an issue with the way many email clients handle forwarding and redirecting messages. 

It is very unintuitive, as if you personally forward a message in your inbox directly to your Email Subscribe™ address, the message more or less comes across as you would expect. This would leave any reasonable person with the mindset that if they set up a rule to forward or redirect messages to their Email Subscribe™ address that it would work exactly the same as hand forwarding or redirecting. This is where it gets frustrating, as most email clients actually strip out the HTML formatting when forwarding or redirecting automatically. 

Unfortunately, there is no hidden checkbox to tell it not to do this. To truly get the message into your Email Subscribe™ account with the intended formatting the primary way to do that is to subscribe directly with your Email Subscribe™ email address. Unfortunately, there is currently no other way around this.