How To: Store

The easiest and most convenient way to add and follow content is through Mosaiscope's™ Store. Near limitless amounts of freely available and followable content can be found here. The Store has a lot to offer, thus there are several pieces of the store experience to understand to get the most out of using it. 

The Mosaiscope™ Store

The Mosaiscope™ Store is the easiest and most convenient place to find and add content you want to subscribe to in Mosaiscope™. In the vertical side menu touch/click on the shopping-basket to make your way to the store. 

The store defaults to Topics but you can easily switch to seeing Sources by touching/clicking on the tab at the top.

In either section you will see at the top two ribbons. The top ribbon displays "Featured" content that we, the Mosaiscope™ Team enjoys and things you might want to get a better look at. This includes phenomenal content from all over the world. 

The second ribbon is "Popular". These sites are some of the most subscribed to feeds on the Mosaiscope™ platform. They are also very diverse and give you a peak at what a lot of our users really love to read. 

The third section you will encounter is the "All" section. Whether under Topics or Sources, the "All" section is the cart-blanch browsing option. There you can look through the thousands of Topics and Sources we have conveniently available to you. This can quickly become overwhelming so right at the top we also have the "Search" eyeglass available. It allows you to cut through all the content to get to exactly what you want to find. 

Using the Search function in the "All" section can get you exactly what you were looking for almost instantly. 

There is also a "Search" icon that permanently lives in the vertical side menu. You have access to this just about everywhere in the Mosaiscope™ application. If using it in the "Store" state (which is what it defaults to, vs being in the "My Content" state) it gives you easy access to all the same Topics and Sources results you might look for while in the store, with the added benefit of having both Topics and Sources results listed together in one list (although still separated by Topic and Source headers).

Overall, the store is the best way to find and follow content in Mosaiscope™. And, yes, it is possible that among our thousands of Topics and Sources you still might not find exactly what you are looking for. If you find yourself in that situation you can always add the specific RSS feed for the exact source you want to follow. From there, open "Search" from the vertical side menu and paste it in the RSS feed from the site you want to follow. We will scour site and add the exact feed you want to follow. 

In the end you will have the most complete news and interest reading experience possible, with more content to explore any time you want just a tap/click away in the Mosaiscope™ Store.