How To: Sharing

Sharing the content you find in Mosaiscope™ is simple, easy, and fun. And, since there are multiple ways to Share you are never to far away from a way to share. Here's how you do it:

  • In the Headline View, the feed with all the headlines of your content, simply swipe from right-to-left (iOS app) to reveal more options. The blue button that has the square with the arrow coming out of it is the "Share" icon. Touch that to reveal the 5 sharing options.
  • When you touch/click on a headline to view either the summary page or "Read More" to go all the way into the article you will notice a "Action Bar" at the bottom of the screen. In the center of that action bar is the button that has the square with the arrow coming out of it (the "Share" icon). Touch that to reveal the 5 sharing options.

There are 5 different ways we have included to make sharing easy. They are:

  • Facebook - share directly to your Facebook feed (requires sign-in)
  • Twitter - share directly to your Twitter account (requires sign-in)
  • Email - opens a compose window in your email client with the headline as the Subject, and the content from the summary view as well as a link to the article in the body of the message. Add more notes as you like and send off to friends.
  • Copy URL - this option saves the URL for the article to your clipboard so you can paste it wherever you want.
  • Share to Collection - this option allows you to suggest the article to any Collection of articles you may be following in your Mosaiscope™ account. This allows the owners of the collection to get feedback from their followers to add even more great content to their collections.