How To: Tags

NOTE: Adding Tags only works with Sources. Topics are pre-determined and pull in from multiple Sources to they are NOT tag-able. 

Adding and removing Tags from your Sources in Mosaiscope™ is easy. Here's how:

  • When adding a Source you are taken to the "Add Source" screen. On this screen, if a Source has any "suggested tags" you can choose from those. You might already have some of your own Tags so you can select from those as well. And, finally, you can type in the tag field to create any tag you want. Just select the "Add" button to save the tag, or tags, you have selected (you can select as many tags as you would like. NOTE: This will NOT duplicate articles in any of your feeds).
  • To Delete or change your tags on any of your Sources just open the side menu, select "Edit" from the top, and choose the "pencil" icon next to any of your Sources to update the Tag information associated with that Source. You can delete all tags (this will place the Source under the "Untagged" section). You can delete any existing tag(s) and a replace it with new tags. Or, you can add additional tags to the Source in addition to any Tags you already have selected.