How To: Search

Searching in Mosaiscope™ is easy once you know where to find search & what you can search.

Where to search:

Search can be found in two places - 

  • Search in the Mosaiscope™ Store
    • When you are in the Mosaiscope™ Store, just below the "Featured" and "Popular" sections you will see the icon. Touching/clicking on the Search icon brings up a search box that allows you to search within whatever part of the store you are in (either Topics or Sources). It's a great way to browse the massive collections of Topics and Sources we have amassed for you. 
  • Search from the vertical side menu
    • The Search icon in the vertical side menu that is available a majority of the time is likely the most convenient place to do a search from as you can jump into it any time you want. It gives you access to search either the entire Mosaiscope™ Store (Topics and Sources), or to toggle over to "My Content" to look specifically at the Topics and Sources you personally have subscribed to. 

Types of searches:

There are two types of searches - 

  • Store Search 
    • Searching in the Mosaiscope™ Store allows you to search all the content of the store. Wether it be Topics or Sources, you can easily get to any of the content the Store contains with search. 
  • My Content Search
    • A "My Content" search looks through the Topics and Sources of just your collection of items. This is a fast and easy way to get to exactly the Topic or Source you are looking for in our collection.