How To: Use Email Subscribe™

Email Subscribe™ is an incredibly powerful feature of Mosaiscope™ +Plus. You must be a Mosaiscope™ +Plus subscriber to have access to this feature, once the initial 3 month trial ends.

Email Subscribe™ is the most powerful, and appropriate, way to regain control of your inbox by pulling out all the emails newsletter, offer emails, and product update and info emails and sending them to a more appropriate place. Your Mosaiscope™ Email Subscribe™. We give you a special email address that you can either forward emails to (it's good to set up an auto mail-forwarding and deleting rule if you do it this way), or to sign up directly to the emails newsletter, offer emails, and product update and info emails so they flow directly to your Mosaiscope™ Email Subscribe™. 

Emails are auto-deleted after 14 days, so you don't have to worry about it being just another inbox that you have to tend to. Email Subscribe™ was built with the intention of making itself much simpler than your usual inbox. With the built in Share feature you can always forward the message on to yourself, friends, family, co-workers..., whoever. So, when you come across that incredible offer, or email newsletter you just have to share, we have you covered. 

Also, if you don't continue your subscription to Mosaiscope™ +Plus to get access to your Email Subscribe™ anymore, don't fret. We just bounce the emails to your account email address so you don't end up loosing anything. This gives you the opportunity to update those subscriptions back to your native email address, or turn off the mail forwarding and deleting rule, or to sign back up for Mosaiscope™ +Plus. It's up to you!