How To: Pinpoint Bookmarking™

Pinpoint Bookmarking™ is an incredibly powerful feature of Mosaiscope™ Plus. You must be a Mosaiscope™ Plus subscriber to have access to this feature. If you are not a Mosaiscope™ Plus subscriber you can learn more here>>

Also, as of this writing (2016-03-08), Pinpoint Bookmarking™ is only available through the v2.0 or later version of the iOS app. We are working on making this feature available through the web app version of the service by making a web-extension/web-plugin for all major browsers. TBD on timing of these releases. It will also be available in a future Android version of the app. 

Pinpoint Bookmarking™ was introduced with v2.0 of the iOS app. It allows you, down to the word or punctuation, to bookmark where you left off in an article. Making it incredibly easy to pickup exactly where you left off in that article. You can pick up a minuet later or months later.

This is incredibly helpful with both very long and even short articles. Whether being distracted and needing to save your place or needing to break up the reading of a huge long-read article, the Pinpoint Bookmarking™ feature is there to help.

Simply go all the way into an article (so, click on the headline, then either click/touch the "Read More" button at the bottom of the page or click/touch the "Link" icon [looks like a small chain link and can be see in the bottom right side of the Reader View black bar at the bottom of the screen] to get to the full webpage of the article). 

Once in the Reader View, and all the way on the webpage to see the full article, just long-touch on the word where you want to set the Pinpoint Bookmark™ (NOTE: due to an oddity in the iOS operating system, the menu will likely NOT show up the first time you highlight the word you are trying to bookmark at. You will likely have to touch off the word to make the highlighting go away, and then long-touch on the word again to get the menu to appear. Annoying, we know, but part of how Apple has this feature set up currently). The menu will appear and you will see that one of the choices is "Bookmark". Select "Bookmark" and the screen will flash, the word(s)/punctuation you have selected will be highlighter teal green, a teal green arrow will be pointing down from the top of the screen directly to your highlighted item and, for a moment, a confirmation alert will flash on the screen saying "Success! Article Has Been Pinpoint Bookmarked™". You will also notice that when you leave the article and go back out to the Headline View that there will be a small green "Pinpoint Bookmark™" icon placed right next to the author and time line, indicating that the item has a Pinpoint Bookmark™ placed on it. 

You can find all your Pinpoint Bookmarked™ items in the Priority Articles section of Mosaiscope™ (touch on the Flag icon in the vertical side menu on the left side of the screen to get to your Priority Articles section) and then click on the "Bookmarked" tab at the top of the screen to see all your Pinpoint Bookmarked™ articles grouped together.

To un-Pinpoint Bookmark™ an item and article, simply go into the article until you can see the highlighted word(s)/punctuation and right near the tip of the bookmark you will see an "X" inside a circle near the bookmark tip. Touch on that and it will remove the bookmark.

A great additional feature, especially if your Pinpoint Bookmark™ is further down the page, is that there is a fast scroll feature that can get you right to your Pinpoint Bookmarked™. You will notice that in these situations there will be a downward facing arrow inside a circle within the teal green strip of the Pinpoint Bookmark™ near the bottom of the page. Simply touch on that and it will auto-scroll you right to your Pinpoint Bookmark™ so you can get to where you left off even more quickly. 

NOTE: We, on occasion, also refer to Pinpoint Bookmarking™ as Precision Bookmarking™. This is due to that fact that bookmarking like this is so darn precise. Hopefully we don't confuse any of you on this.