How To: Sources

Have a site you specifically want to follow and don't want to miss a single post from? Mosaiscope™ makes it easy to keep up with these sites, blogs, forums, comments, content.... 

Simply go to our built in Store and browse all the incredible content we have available. Or, search for something specific. We have all the most popular sites, and some incredibly esoteric and obscure ones, already linked in our store.

Still not finding exactly what you want. Not a problem. You can add the feed of whatever site you want. If they have an RSS feed you can subscribe to it. Just look for either the word "RSS" on the page or an image of the RSS icon. Copy the URL of the RSS feed specifically and paste it in the universal search built into Mosaiscope™ (from the vertical side menu). We will connect you to the feed and you can follow and enjoy!