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Some believe patents protect functionality.  Others believe that they stifle innovation.  Any time a patent is enforced, there are winners and losers, whether it's the emerging start-up competing against industry giants for a foothold of the market, or established companies attempting to machete through the patent thicket. 


That's why, in 2015, a little over a year after I left Tesla, when Elon Musk proclaimed "Tesla will not initiate patent lawsuits against anyone who, in good faith, wants to use our technology", it got everyone's attention.  He later doubled down on the statement that anyone can "just go ahead and use them", which seemed to fly in the face of the legal clause "in good faith".  But even Elon understands that one size does not fit all.  Solar City files patents, but they are not open.  SpaceX has very few patents in an effort to protect the technology from getting into the hands of it's biggest competitor, China.


The past few weeks, I have thought a lot about the place Enemy Tree, LLC sits.  We aren't Tesla trying to encourage the largest car companies in the world to get onboard with the electric car movement.  We also aren't SpaceX trying to stop any threats of competition in their tracks.  While I hope someday to be in a position to make such choices, these are still a ways off. 


Instead, Enemy Tree, LLC is closer to Solar City.  We have a great idea, but there are some other products that are similar.  The market is large enough that we believe our product can compete, but in the meantime, there is no harm taking the extra step to file a patent or two.  Which is why, a few weeks ago, I went to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) in Denver to file a provisional patent on one of our unique pieces of technology, in preparation for our latest development project.


Believe the hype; patents are everything the kids are talking about.  They are a lot of paperwork.  They are many hours of thinking through every application of your product, and then, painstakingly committing that those descriptions to paper with diagrams.  And once every "t" has been crossed and every "i" has been dotted, they are full of an immeasurable feeling of satisfaction at having completed the process and knowing, at least, for now that what has been created remains yours.


And yet, outside of what I need to do to protect the interests of my fledging start-up, and our yet to be announced new product, I remain conflicted about the value of patents.  How do you feel about patents?  What is the tipping point that allows a start-up to open patents or stop patenting all together?  

See the original post on the Enemy Tree, LLC™ website here: 

1MillionCups, Mosaiscope™, Enemy Tree, LLC™, & Supportive Entrepreneurship Communities

Screenshot from 1MillionCups Website featuring Mosaiscope™ & Enemy Tree, LLC™

Screenshot from 1MillionCups Website featuring Mosaiscope™ & Enemy Tree, LLC™

A big thank you to 1MillionCups for allowing me to speak at their Denver MeetUp back in June of last year. They just added the brief profile of Mosaiscope™ and Enemy Tree, LLC™ to their website. An honor, indeed. 

For those looking for a great place to get involved in their local business community as well as to meet some great people, learn about startups, and to hear from startups in your area, 1MillionCups is an excellent resource. There are over 100 groups in cities all across the nation. And, if you have a startup yourself and want to get quality group feedback and get that ever so important practice time in front of an audience, this is the place to do it. 

1MillionCups was started and is supported by the Kauffman Foundation, so it's legit and professional. I can confirm that from my experience. From the online mini-course you go through to the professional training videos to make sure you are prepared for your presentation, it was all very well done, and all in an effort to help you be the best you can be. I love stuff like that. 

From Alaska, to Colorado, to Florida, there is likely a group near you. As an entrepreneur, it's nice to get any help and feedback you can get and I am thankful that I had the 1MillionCups experience. I still regularly attend the Denver and Boulder groups here in Colorado and look forward to hitting up the the other Colorado groups in Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, & Gunnison Valley over the next year, along with stopping at a few in other states as the opportunity arrises. 

Until then, and thanks again to 1MillionCups and all their volunteers that make it happen. It's well worth the effort. 

JOhn Rokos

Founder, CEO, & Product Architect

Enemy Tree, LLC™

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This post appears on both the Mosaiscope™Enemy Tree, LLC™ news/blog websites. 

Microblogging Project on Kickstarter & The Importance of Owning Your Content

Image Credit: Manton Reece & the Indie Microblogging project

Image Credit: Manton Reece & the Indie Microblogging project

Over the weekend I supported a Kickstarter project called "Indie Microblogging: owning your short-form writing". I heard about the project from a well known proponent of owning your content, developer Marco Arment. Marco has created one of the most well known podcasting apps, Overcast, along with being a part of creating a string of other hits over the years. His dedication to people owning their content is one of the big reasons he created Overcast, so that podcasts would't get consumed behind walls and so that people would lose control over their creations. It is then an obvious connection to his writing a blog about, and supporting, the Indie Microblogging project on Kickstarter. 

This idea of owning the content you create is one that is also very important to me. It is one of the core reason I created Mosaiscope™. And, the foundation of that is the core technology of RSS. See, the technology of RSS (Real Simple Syndication), was created so that the very large and open web could easily be brought together by allowing people to easily subscribe to websites and blogs with the click of a button. It is this same technology of RSS that is how podcasts work.

See, the way podcasts work is that through your podcast app, like Overcast (or Apple's Podcast app, or any others out there) you are actually subscribing to the RSS feed of the podcast. This layer of tech is hidden, but it is how it all works, and it keeps the content in the hands of the creators. This is the same for subscribing to websites and blogs through Mosaiscope™. You go to the Mosaiscope™ Store, find what you want to subscribe to, hit the "+" button and your subscribed (you can get a bit more technical and paste an RSS URL in the Mosaiscope™ search if we don't have the RSS feed you want to subscribe to, but I'll digress on that topic for now). 

In the end, the use of RSS allows the creators to keep control and ownership of their content on their websites. But, unfortunately, this is not where the majority of content seems to be available today. The majority of content is starting to concentrate with a few large companies behind closed-wall-systems. And, it's the convenience of these services that have made it this way. I mean, do any of us want to do more than we have to to find good content. Probably not, but that means many content producers have lost control/ownership of their content. 

This is why I supported the Indie Microblogging project, put together by Manton Reece, on Kickstarter. It is basically a Twitter-like product that allows you to create small snippets of content (microblogs) to be easily shared throughout the web, except you maintain ownership of it. And, just as good is that, it is based on RSS, which means that you can use Mosaiscope™, or any other RSS aggregator or reader you want, to easily keep up with what anyone who is microblogging is talking about. 

The service he is creating, called, will also allow you to cross-post to Twitter (since they are huge this will be important for creating traction), and will have all kinds of additional benefits. 

It's a small and simple addition to the endless sea of ways we can all create and share content, but it is significant enough to be supported, talked about, and used. It's another way we can start to take back control of our online content. In the end, it is your content and seems like a pretty good idea to maintain ownership of. 

As of this writing there are only 5 days left on the "Indie Microblogging: owning your short-form writing" Kickstarter project so head over there now and help a brother, and yourself, out!

Press Release: Mosaiscope™ v4.0, the Next Gen RSS News Reader, Fights Fake-News & Helps Maintain News Org's Ownership of Their Content, All While Introducing Their NEW Collections Feature & BOLD Look



"Collections gives users the ability to collect articles, as well as to subscribe to great collections from other users, and the new look makes the entire experience even more fun and easy to use, all while giving readers choice in selecting their news, and supporting the content creators who make this all possible”  -  Mosaiscope™ Founder, JOhn Rokos

BOULDER COUNTY, Colo. (December 23, 2016, 3 PM MST) - In a time when we are faced with everything from fake news to credible news sources losing control of their distribution network to huge distribution platforms and social networks, and thus losing the ability to make a living, and going out of business at an alarming rate, it’s hard to imaging a company and product pushing in exactly the opposite direction, let alone continuing to improve, innovate, and iterate it’s offering. 

Welcome to Mosaiscope™ v4.0, going live today. Mosaiscope™ continues to push into territory where few dare to tread. The theoretically shrinking space of RSS distribution, and the simple idea that content should be owned buy the content creators, and that readers should have choice in their new sources and not be “fed” news by an algorithm. 

Rather, an RSS aggregator and reader should facilitate both a users ability to stay connected to the content they care about most, AND should display the content in whatever state the creator intended (ads or not, paywall or not), so the site is fully supported. 

As Founder and CEO of Enemy Tree, LLC (parent company of Mosaiscope™), JOhn Rokos says “Our mission from the very beginning was to not only broaden the understanding and use of RSS, but to also help content consumers and creators interact in a mutually beneficial eco system that allows everyone to win”. 

Mosaiscopes™ Bold New Look

Mosaiscopes™ Bold New Look

At the heart of this is the NEW Mosaiscope™ v4.0. It takes the Mosaiscope™ platform to a new level by re-architecting it with a bold new design direction that firmly plants you in the different sections of the robust platform. 

The NEW Collections feature of the platform is a major piece of the new experience. Collections (a +Plus feature) has four major components that make it an exciting offering:

  1. Create & Collect -  Users can create collections of content around a specific idea or interest. These collections can be shared publically, used for research, shared with colleagues and friends, or can be set to private. 
  2. Follow -  Users can follow public collections of content made by other users. 
  3. Suggest -  Users can suggest articles to collections they follow. 
  4. People -  Users can follow individuals to check out when they create new Collections. 
Mosaiscope's™ New "Collections" Feature

Mosaiscope's™ New "Collections" Feature

“Collections is the latest way we have enhanced Mosaiscope™ to bubble up even more great content and to connect our users to each other,” says Founder JOhn Rokos. “It is not meant to be yet another social network. We leave that to the actual social networks and have our built in ‘sharing’ options to allow users to share what they find far and wide. Rather, Collections is mean to provide an outlet to collect articles of interest together, and to further allow others to see these meticulously crafted and curated collections that benefit all of us and our desire to find and experience great content.” 

Even though Mosaiscope™ has a bold new look, don’t think that all the tools and services that users have grown to love have gone missing, like Pinpoint Bookmarking™ or Email Subscribe™. Rather, these ground breaking features are still here and are now even easier to find and use within the new Mosaiscope™ experience. 

The Beloved Pinpoint Bookmarking™ (patent pending) Feature

The Beloved Pinpoint Bookmarking™ (patent pending) Feature

Thank you for your interest in the NEW Mosaiscope™ v4.0. Please let us know if you have any questions. We look forward to hearing from you.

JOhn Rokos

Founder, CEO, & Product Architect

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About Mosaiscope™ 

Mosaiscope™ is the next level news platform and the first product of Boulder County, Colorado (previously Silicon Valley), based startup, Enemy Tree, LLC. Presenting a mix of following/subscribing and reading options, Mosaiscope™ appeals to individual needs and facilitates discovery by giving users the option to select both Topics and Sources, including adding their own Sources, as well as the ability to collect groups of articles in to Collections. The platform is unique in that it works on every device, through their responsive web-app as well as through their iOS app, and has no limitations to the array of available sources - if a site has an RSS feed it can be followed. Both the free Basic service and the subscription based +Plus service are available through the web-app at, and in the iOS App, in the Apple App Store


For more information on Mosaiscope™, please contact

Mosaiscope™ v4.0 can be downloaded right now from the Apple iOS App Store here:

Or, you can also use the new Mosaiscope™ v4.0 experience on the web through the web-app by going to:

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What Start-Up Purges User Accounts in the Early Days? One That Gives a F**K

I started a Yahoo email account in the 1990's.  It soldiered on through the early 2000's until I got my .mac account.  Next thing I knew, I was chatting up a storm in Apple mail.  

What happened to my Yahoo email account?  Well, I didn't bother to disable it or erase it.  I moved on with my life, as though it never existed.  But therein, lies my mistake.  I left it, and all of it's contents waiting for hackers, who would eventually find it and scour it's content.  I, like everyone else that was hacked, would find out many months later that my old Yahoo email account had been hacked.  This left me feeling... well... gross.  It didn't matter that it may have been years since I used the account.  Someone wanted to get in my account and use my information for their personal gain.  I had been robbed.

I started to think about what this meant to me, as a business owner.  I request some data to sign-up for an account.  I store that data.  If people stop signing-in, I continue to store that data.  Most of the time, people do not purge their accounts.  They abandon them.  There's even entire articles about how people can "properly" abandon an account.  

I didn't want Mosaiscope™, an RSS reader and news aggregator, to be a product that didn't take adequate steps to protect users, even former users of the product. I am grateful any time someone downloads our free app, and wants to try the product of my blood, sweat and tears to find their news, but if they determine for whatever reason Mosaiscope™ isn't quite it, I still want to do right by the customer.  I don't want to keep storing their personal data.

So, several weeks ago, we dug through the data. We found a handful of users who had not signed back into their Mosaiscope™ accounts since signing up for their account initially. On top of that, they had no content in their accounts (no Topics and no Sources). These were the people!
We took that group of customers and started a campaign to contact them to see if there was anything we could do to help them get content into their accounts and hopefully enjoy Mosaiscope™. We also wanted to solicit their feedback to understand why there had been a drop-off in activity, as well as let them know of all the updates and new features that had been added since they last signed in.  Finally, we let them know that if they didn’t sign back into their accounts within 2 weeks we were going to delete their accounts.
Fast forward to last week, now three weeks after sending the message, and wouldn’t you know it--a bunch of customers had signed back into their accounts and added content.  Of course, there was also a group that didn't sign-in, but that was a sign. With a little bit of hesitation, we hit the delete button on their accounts. All their information gone. 
Not the normal activity for a startup, but one that felt like the right thing to do.  Outside of keeping the data clean, it also makes reporting more accurate.  When I talk about how many users we have for the product, I know I am reporting out engaged users.  On that rare occasion that I need to contact our users, I know that I am contacting people, who are using the app.  We aren't about being annoying, and hopefully, this is a good thing that serves our customers and our product.  

If you have a start-up, have you ever considered deleting users?  What made you move forward or hold back?   

Let us know what you think, and hopefully you will agree that, although not the normal thing for a startup to do, hopefully it's the right thing for a startup to do.


That's right. The Mosaiscope™ video / commercial, aptly named the "Bro-Mercial" is finally here.

Enjoy the video and download the Mosaiscope™ app for iOS at:


It's a fun jaunt with some bro's bro-ing down, only to take a side-step into deep cultural and intellectual conversation, thanks to the Mosaiscope™ RSS news reader app.

A huge thanks to Andrew Burke. He is not only featured in the video but did all the video recording and editing and I can't thank him enough for the assistance.

Another huge thanks to Stars Hide Fire & my friend Adam Kamber for the use of their song "Still Breathing". It gave the video the exact the excitement it needed.

Finally, I'd like to thank Woodward Camp, life-long friends and purveyors of fine, fine stickers, as the helmets attest.

Additional Notes:

We rented the mountain bike from REEB Cycles. Great customer service, awesome bike people!

We decided to have lunch at CYCLHOPS Bike CANtina the day of the shoot. Not only was the food amazing, but it was the perfect atmosphere to get our creative flow going.

The "Bro-mercial" was shot entirely at Valmont Bike Park in Boulder, Colorado. It is one of the most amazing parks ever and we are very lucky it is just down the road from us here in Longmont, Colorado. 

Thanks again, please share the video far and wide, please download the Mosaiscope™ app for iOS (or, use the web-app online), and tell your friends and family about the app. It all really helps and is much appreciated.


The Mosaiscope™ Team

Press Release: Mosaiscope™ v3.1 for iOS - Now, With More 1Password!



Mosaiscope™ is now integrated with 1Password, making your news reading experience even more convenient   

BOULDER COUNTY, Colo. (August 23, 2016) – Mosaiscope™, a product of Enemy Tree LLC™ and the next level news platform striving to change the world of news aggregation, today announced its integration with the incredible 1Password service allowing even simpler, easier, and more secure access to your Mosaiscope™ account.

1Password integrated into the sign-in screen of Mosaiscope™

1Password integrated into the sign-in screen of Mosaiscope™

“We tried really hard to get 1Password into the recently released v3.0 of Mosaiscope we launched just two weeks ago, but we just ran out of time,” said JOhn Rokos, Founder, CEO, and Product Architect of Enemy Tree, LLC™, maker of Mosaiscope™. “It's one of our favorite apps and services of all time and everyone at the company uses it every day. It was crazy that we didn't integrate it into Mosaiscope™ sooner, especially considering home much we love and use 1Password. We finally hit the point where we couldn't stand it not being integrated into the app and are very proud to now include it in this v3.1 release of Mosaiscope™ for iOS.”

Mosaiscope™ is free and available on any device online at through their web-app, as well as in the Apple App Store for the native iOS app. Additional tools and functions are available with a Mosaiscope™ Plus+ subscription, making the reading experience even more fun and powerful. In addition to a tiered membership plan, Mosaiscope™ will continue adding features and tools to its Plus+ service, so that it is always getting better. Focused on reshaping news media distribution, discovery, insight, and sharing, Mosaiscope™ is the custom news platform catering to content consumers and creators passions and interests everywhere. 

To check out Mosaiscope™ and begin exploring the future in news reading, please visit or download the iOS app in the Apple App Store

About Mosaiscope
Mosaiscope™ is the next level news platform and the first product of Boulder County, Colo. (previously Silicon Valley) based technology company, Enemy Tree, LLC™. Presenting a mix of reading options, Mosaiscope™ appeals to individual needs and facilitates discovery by giving users the option to customize their experience by select both topics and sources, including adding their own sources. The platform is unique in that it works on every device and has no limitations to the array of available sources - if a site has a feed, it can be followed. Both the free and Plus+ services are available on the web at and in the Apple App Store.

For more information on Mosaiscope™, please contact

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Press Release: Mosaiscope™ v3.0 for iOS and Web with Daily Summary and more... launches today!



– Mosaiscope's BIGGEST Update Launches today, and Includes the incredible Daily Summary feature –  

BOULDER COUNTY, Colo. (August 9, 2016) – It has been 5 months since our second Mosaiscope update, and we are very proud to announce that we are launching v3.0 of our Apple iOS app, as well as to our Web App. 


Available now in the Apple App Store, and optimized for every iOS device from iPhone to iPad Pro, Mosaiscope v3.0 for iOS makes the news reading experience even more convenient.

The new "daily summary" shown on ipad pro

The new "daily summary" shown on ipad pro

Take a quick peak with the new "Daily Summary"

You can subscribe to broad Topics and specific Sources in Mosaiscope™. That can turn into a lot of content very quickly. To help give you a quick peak at what the most interesting items are in all your content we created the "Daily Summary". Issued every morning, and looking back over the past 24 hrs, it pulls out the 10 most popular, most interesting articles. Only have a few minuets to see what's going on in your world, the Daily Summary is your go to.

It was our most requested feature, being able to get a quick take of what was going on on a daily basis, so we added it so you can get the most out of your Mosaiscope™, even if you only have a few minuets. Much like all our social media feeds, there always ends up being to much to follow. Being able to get a quick glimpse of what's going on in your world, especially based on your interests, is sometimes exactly what you are looking for.

We didn't stop there. We wanted to make sure you could easily find previous Daily Summary's, as you never know what days news will inspire, create reflection, or spur debate. That's why we also included an archive of all your daily summaries, to allow you to quickly reference what was interesting the day, week, month, or even year before. 

No matter how much time you have there is always time for a Daily Summary.

Streamlined On-boarding Process

To all our existing users, this won't be earth shattering, except to confirm that the on-boarding process we had before was, lets just say, less than ideal. It made sense at the time, but our stats showed us that it hurt more than it helped. So we redesigned it.

The old on-boarding process involved about 15 screens, mostly of education (hey, we really wanted you to know all the cool details of the app. But we get it. It was overkill), and once you made it through all that you still needed to wade through our store to find content. 

Not anymore! Now, with 3 simple steps, you create an account, select Topics and Sources from a limited version of our store (you still have access to the full store through the search function built into this part of the process), and by the 3rd screen you are in the app with content. Yea, it's way better.

From there, if you want, you can Tag items into groups, you can find an add more content from the store, and you can add anything specific you want through pasting the URL (works best with a specific RSS URL) into our Search function. It's a streamlined system that we think is going to surprise and delight all our new users. And, to our existing users, thanks for making it through the old clunky process (quality takes time). 

Integrated How-To's

Instead of including all that education up front during the on-boarding process, we created a much more elegant, integrated, solution. We have built the framework to offer in-app education bubbles. 

We are starting with 3 simple education bubbles. One that highlights Topics, one that highlights Sources, and one that highlights the inside of the side-menu (also called "more"). 

Over time we will add more of these education bubbles, in a minimalist, non-intrusive, slowly revealing, time delayed, and relevant way. Although we are going for a minimalist and simple product with Mosaiscope™, we also strive for it to be very robust in its functionality as well.

"Simple" doesn't have to be "Simplistic", and keeping the design minimal usually means hiding feature and functionality just out of sight. This creates the opportunity for us to include these minimal education bubbles throughout the app to help you get more out of your Mosaiscope™ experience.  

More, more, more...

With Mosaiscope™ we always try to give you more. This major v3.0 update is no different. Aside from the major changes listed above there are a host of smaller changes that all go into making Mosaiscope™ the best news and interest app in the world. 

Things like:

  • Editing - previously only available through the web-app, you now have full editing capabilities in the iOS app (naming, tags, sorting...)
  • Email Subscribe™ - Since the news letters and offer emails you get in your Mosaiscope™ Email Subscribe™ are as much content as the Sources and Topics you follow, we have moved Email Subscribe™ to the main "Home" window, with it's own dedicated tab across the top of the screen.
  • Pinpoint Bookmarking™ - we are moving through the patent process on this feature. It is so unique and useful that we just had to. And, since we constantly get feedback that people love this feature beyond belief I think we really hit onto something special with it.
  • Side-Bar Redesign - Inside the side-bar you see all the Topics and Sources you have subscribed to. Changing items, and even figuring out how to sign out, were less than obvious. So, we cleaned up the entire experience and made it much more intuitive (especially now that full "Editing" is available in iOS). 
  • Plus+ Subscriptions - Ever since we launched 10 months ago we have let all our users know that we have been just on the verge of implementing our Plus+ subscription. We wanted to give you all the heads up that we are approximately 30-60 days away from turning that on. However, since new users get to experience Mosaiscope's™ Plus+ tools for free for 3 months to start, we are not going to turn on the timer for all our users until we officially launch the Plus+ subscriptions. That means, for all our existing users who have used all our Plus+ tools for free since we launched (like Email Subscribe™, Pinpoint Bookmarking™, Power Sync...) you will continue to get to use them for free for an additional 3 months after we launch the Plus+ subscriptions. And, Plus+ subscribers will continue to get access to all the Plus+ tools that are on the way (like Power Search, Power Views, and a BIG one that will hit by year end). 
  • More... - All of this, on top of the constant refinements, changes, updates, fixes... that we tirelessly work on to keep Mosaiscope™ the leader in news readers. 

Download Mosaiscope™ v3.0 for iOS at the Apple App Store today, or check it out on the web at


About Mosaiscope™
Mosaiscope™ is the next level news platform and the first product of Boulder County, Colorado (previously Silicon Valley) based technology company, Enemy Tree, LLC. Presenting a mix of reading options, Mosaiscope™ appeals to individual needs and facilitates discovery by giving users the option to select both topics and sources, including adding their own sources. The platform is unique in that it works on every device and has no limitations to the array of available sources - if a site has a feed, it can be followed. Both the Basic (free) and Plus+ services are available on the web at and in the Apple App Store.

For more information on Mosaiscope, please contact

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Twitter: @Mosaiscope

Instagram: @Mosaiscope


Press Release: Mosaiscope™ v2.0 for iOS with Pinpoint Bookmarking™ launches today

VIDEO: Quick Overview of Mosaiscope™ v2.0 for iOS, with Pinpoint Bookmarking



– Mosaiscope's Most Comprehensive App Update Launches today, and Includes the Industry First Pinpoint Bookmarking –  

BOULDER COUNTY, Colo. (March 8, 2016) – It has been 4 months since the launch of Mosaiscope – the Ultimate Custom News Reader, and we are very proud to announce that we are launching v2.0 of our Apple iOS app.


Available now in the Apple App Store, and optimized for every iOS device from iPhone to iPad Pro, Mosaiscope v2.0 for iOS takes your news reading experience further with new tools and enhancements.


Pinpoint Bookmarking™ in Mosaiscope™ Plus+

Our biggest feature in this release is the Pinpoint Bookmarking™ Plus+ feature. It allows you to pick up exactly where you left off reading an online article.

Bookmarks were great for books, but don’t really work for online content. That’s where Pinpoint Bookmarking™ comes in.

Bookmark, down to the word, exactly where you left off reading an online article.

Whether it’s a long-form article with countless paragraphs and thousand of words, or you just get interrupted while reading a brief online article, simply drop a Pinpoint Bookmark™ and come back to it in your Mosaiscope when the time is right. It will be waiting for you exactly where you left off.


Mark articles as “read” with Mid-List Mark-as-Read


When you subscribe to specific sources in Mosaiscope™ you can keep track of what articles are new. We give you pages of 100 at a time so you can mark them as “read” as you read.

Of course, there are times when you can’t get through your entire list of new headlines and have to do something else. There is no need to go back through the entire list of headlines—trying to determine which headlines you have already seen and which are new.

With Mid-List Mark-as-Read, you don’t have to waste time or use guesswork.  Just 2-finger pinch-out on any headline to reveal the mid-list menu. Either mark everything above as “read” to remove everything you have already seen, or mark everything that exists as “unread” as “read”. It’s your choice, and you can access it anytime in your sources list.


A Re-Imagined Store Experience

Our store is one of our customers’ favorite features. Whether you are looking for broad topics to follow or specific news sources, you can find both in our store.

The original store was great, until there were too many topics and sources to easily comb through to discover new content.

With our updated store experience, we have highlighted items in a “Featured” section.  This includes favorites and up-and-coming sites.  We have also included a “Popular” section, which showcases the most subscribed to topics and sources.

Below the “Featured” section, we still offer unfiltered access to everything, including a new quick-search box to filter through the ever-growing list of items even more quickly.


And more, and more, and more….

These are just some of the updates that we have made, and some of the most noticeable ones you will come across while using the app. We have also added more images to headlines, made countless improvements on the backend to speed up content delivery, refined search results, allow you to even more easily add your own URL’s and RSS feeds through our built-in search…, and so much more.

With Mosaiscope™ v2.0 for iOS, with Pinpoint Bookmarking™, we couldn’t be more proud of the advances we have made, and we will continue to deliver great features that enhance your online reading experience.

And, for the next few months, as we add several more Plus+ tools, we will continue to offer Mosaiscope™ Plus+ as a free trial, including our Pinpoint Bookmarking™ feature - beyond the usual 3 month free trial - so you can enjoy all the great tools that Mosaiscope™ Plus+ offers above and beyond our free Basic service.

Download Mosaiscope™ v2.0 for iOS at the Apple App Store today.


About Mosaiscope™
Mosaiscope™ is the next level news platform and the first product of Boulder County, Colorado (previously Silicon Valley) based technology company, Enemy Tree, LLC. Presenting a mix of reading options, Mosaiscope™ appeals to individual needs and facilitates discovery by giving users the option to select both topics and sources, including adding their own sources. The platform is unique in that it works on every device and has no limitations to the array of available sources - if a site has a feed, it can be followed. Both the Basic (free) and Plus+ services are available on the web at and in the Apple App Store (coming to Android in the near future).

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Rocket Yard App Review: Mosaiscope Offers New Way To Look At News, RSS feeds

Rocket Yard App Review: Mosaiscope Offers New Way To Look At News, RSS feeds

Read this fantastic review we received form Rocket Yard. Here's a quick quote from the review:

"Mosaiscope is fast, stable, and the developer has a long-term strategy for how the app will develop over time. It’s designed for choice, providing readers with options for discovery, views, and the devices they wish to read on. If you’re not personally thrilled with Apple’s News app and want to try something different, Mosaiscope is worth a close look."

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Apple World Today Review: Mosaiscope offers iOS users a powerful news reader, feed aggregator and more

Apple World Today Review: Mosaiscope offers iOS users a powerful news reader, feed aggregator and more

Read this fantastic review we received form Apple World Today. Here's a quick quote from the review:

"That's essentially the bottom line with Mosaiscope - the app gives readers plenty of choice in terms of how they want to discover or read news, how they want to see that news, and even what device they want to read it on. It's speedy, bug-free, and Enemy Tree appears to have a long-range strategy for the app -- something that even Apple doesn't seem to have for its News app. While Mosaiscope might not appeal to every iOS user, it's definitely worth giving a try and at the present price point -- free -- downloading it to take a look is a no-brainer."
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A Podcasting Anniversary, Milestones, and The Podcasting Road Ahead

A Podcasting Anniversary, Milestones, and The Podcasting Road Ahead

Mac OS Ken Day Anniversary!

Just over a week ago, on Tuesday, January 26th, marked a very special day in podcasting history. My favorite podcast, Mac OS Ken, had its 10 year anniversary. For those unfamiliar with the show, it is a podcast on 5 days a week, lasts around 15 minutes, and goes over the major, and some minor, happenings related to Apple Inc....

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Press Release: More Sharing Options Available in Mosaiscope

We have been super busy here adding all the little options and goodies you would expect in a news reader (like more sharing options), as well as adding incredible new features you would have never thought possible in an application (you will have to wait a little longer before we announce any of those).

Today, I am happy to tell you that we have added additional sharing options to Mosaiscope. On top of being able to share an article by sending someone an email, which was our first sharing option, we have now added two more ways to share. By popular demand, we have added both share to Facebook and share to Twitter.

Both options have been highly requested and we are happy to finally release them. You can find all the sharing options available right now in the responsive web version of Mosaiscope (and some of you may have actually seen these a few days ago when we snuck them in there!). 

As for them being available in the Apple iOS version of Mosaiscope, you will have to wait just a little longer to get access to those. We submitted the updated app, Mosaiscope v1.4, to Apple yesterday, so it will likely be available later this week.

We thank you all for using the app. From the feedback we are getting, you really are loving it and we couldn't be happier. If you are not loving it, we would appreciate your feedback, and to give us an opportunity to improve our offering (email us at: 

We're excited to share our next updates soon. One of the coming updates, which I am very excited about, could be industry changing and likely, our users will not be able to understand how they lived without it for so long. It is the missing link of the reading experience (Are you freaking out with anticipation yet?!). All will be revealed soon.

Thanks again and enjoy the new sharing options.  We will talk again soon!!

Press: Why I Moved My New Tech Biz To Longmont

My name is John Rokos. I moved my company and family to Longmont about 25 days ago. Prior to Longmont we were residing in Silicon Valley. I had been there for a little over eight years. Nearly six of those years were spent at Tesla Motors, the electric car company.

I had an amazing career there and was able to make some major contributions that were the foundation, if not still the systems and processes they use today, to run the company and interact with customers.

Inspired by Elon Musk, Tesla’s CEO, and all the incredible people I worked with there at Tesla, and filled with ideas of my own that had been nagging at me for years, I decided to strike out on my own about 2 years ago. The project I finally chose was creating a news aggregation platform.

To explain what one of these news aggregators are, also referred to as RSS News Aggregators, they allow you to subscribe to your favorite websites and they pull together, all in one place, all the updates and news stories from these sites, instead of you having to go to each site individually and scroll through the new content only to stop when you see something that looks familiar.

The Longmont Compass would be an example of one of these sites as it is constantly updated with content all day every day, and it has one of these RSS feeds. So, for example, I could subscribe to the Longmont Compass, Wired Magazine, the New York Times, the Denver Post, a cooking blog,… and an endless number of other websites. And all their new articles get pulled together, aggregated, into your one Mosaiscope feed. You can even mark articles as read so the next time you come back your Mosaiscope you know exactly where you left off and what’s new.

I chose this news aggregation platform project, as many entrepreneurs do, out of my own frustration with what currently existed. Similar products either let you subscribe to either just specific sources OR just general topics. I wanted a platform that could do both. And, with that inspiration and direction to make something better I created my company, Enemy Tree, LLC, and our first product, Mosaiscope.

Nearly a year-and-a-half was put into getting the project started in a significant way. From just having basic conversations with friends, and friends of friends, to building the vocabulary I needed to fined the people I was looking for and getting to the solutions I was hoping for, to finding the actual developers & designers to make the idea reality. At that point we started on Mosaiscope.

Many months later, after many iterations of the product during development, we finally launched Initially it was just the web app version, available at There, you could, on any device as long as you have a web browser and an internet connection, create an account and sign in to start subscribing to either specific sources you want to follow online (again, like the Longmont Compass), or general topics of interest (like the topic of “Longmont_CO” that we have). We even have a store built into the platform so you can browse both topics and sources. But we don’t stop there, because if there is a specific source you want to follow but you don’t see it in the store, all that needs to be done is to copy the URL from that website and paste it into Mosaiscope’s search and we will scour their website to find the RSS feed and allow you to subscribe to it. Most of the time we can find the news feed, other times it takes a bit more detective work on the individual’s part to find the specific URL for the RSS feed before we can set up the subscription.

Just a few weeks later we finished the Apple iOS app version of the product and added it to the Apple App Store, which allows for a beautiful, native, app experience on any Apple iOS mobile device – from iPhone to iPad Pro.

At this point I found myself with a product that was gaining users like crazy, a business that was growing just as fast, and a dilemma of what to do next. The developers I found and am working with are located in Wisconsin. The PR and Marketing firm I work with are located in Los Angeles. Both are contractors at the moment and the only “official” employee of the startup is me. I could see that the business was growing so fast that there is a strong likelihood we were going to add actual employees in the next 6-12 months and, considering the many issues I had trying to find local talent in Silicon Valley (most people I talked to there – with expectations set by local companies like Apple, Google, Facebook, Twitter… – wanted incredible sums of compensation even to think about joining the company… something not possible with my budget) only to end up finding people elsewhere in the country, I needed to make a choice. Where did I really want to live and grow the company?

This started the search for where to move for the next phase of the company’s existence. Immediately, four locations came to the top of the list: Boulder County Colorado, Portland Oregon, Seattle Washington, or Austin Texas. Very quickly the search narrowed to just Boulder County Colorado.

A combination of my love of outdoor activities, especially activities in the mountains, plus access to a huge talent pool that the area provides made this the main target. On top of that, the local field narrowed to Longmont just as quickly. Things like great infrastructure – good schools, NextLight… – affordable housing and office space, and quality people in a quality community made Longmont the logical choice.

I have now been here approximately 25 days, the business is growing faster than ever, and as I work from my home office I see the growth leading to my need to tap into the local talent pool to grow it beyond what it is already achieving over the next year.

I’m so happy to be a part of the Longmont community. I’m grateful to have the opportunity to tell a little bit of my story here on the Longmont Compass, and I hope you will give our product, Mosaiscope, a try, either at or by downloading the app from the Apple App Store. Maybe you will even subscribe to the Longmont Compass and other local news sources, as well as any other sources that are part of what you read on a daily basis online, through Mosaiscope. We have worked very hard to make it an amazing experience and have way more on the drawing board that should excite users for years to come.

Thank you, Longmont, for being so welcoming. We look forward to a long and growing business in the local area and look forward to meeting many of you out in the parks and on the mountain. Here’s to a great 2016!

Press Release: OPML - Manual Importing Now Available in Custom News Feed Reader



– Mosaiscope Expands Comprehensive Features With OPML Import Capabilities Allowing for Easier, Quicker Transition to App –  

BOULDER COUNTY, Colo. (January 12, 2016)As the next step in the evolution of the intuitive custom news feed reader, Mosaiscope now allows users to easily transfer their favorite sources utilizing an OPML (Outline Processor Markup Language) format for quick manual importing. Mosaiscope, a product of Enemy Tree LLC and the next level news platform, is continuing to challenge the world of RSS news feeds with its user friendly and customizable design. Mosaiscope provides comprehensive news aggregation options by allowing news to be extracted from both sources and topics pre-selected by the user, as well as being able to add their own sources, offering a truly personalized platform. With the new OPML capabilities, users can easily import their feeds from other platforms that offer OPML export, into Mosaiscope’s responsive web-based app. Once the OPML file is uploaded through Mosaiscope’s web interface you can enjoy access to all your newly imported content through every Mosaiscope app, web and iOS.

Recently launched, Mosaiscope is the one-and-only of its kind on the market today and quickly gaining ground to become the leading news platform. With a responsive design unique in that it works on every device and has no limitations to available sources, Mosaiscope allows consumers to keep up with news and personal interests through an innovatively designed, user friendly, and continuously updating platform. Following the initial launch of the web-based app, Mosaiscope quickly launched the iOS app and is now offering even more accessibility with the OMPL imports capabilities through their web interface. Providing new and existing users with the option to simply import their personalized feeds from other platforms allows for a quick and pain-free set-up of their new personalized news platform.

“Everyone is busy – whether it’s family, work or sticking to New Year’s resolutions – we all have a lot going on. Mosaiscope was designed to help ease the stress of staying in-the-know and to alleviate the time spent visiting multiple sites for news. Everyone can have access to their favorite sources and topics right at their fingertips,” said John Rokos, CEO and Product Architect of Enemy Tree, LLC, Founder of Mosaiscope. “With the new OPML import capabilities, we’ve made it even easier to transition from other RSS news aggregation and reading apps to Mosaiscope by allowing a user to simply import their sources from another feed – no need to spend the time meticulously recreating it in Mosaiscope. Mosaiscope truly is the easiest, most flexible way to discover, read and share.”

OPML is an XML format for outlines that has become a common method of exchanging web feeds between web feed aggregators, such as Mosaiscope. Utilizing OPML imports, users have the ability to manually import feeds exported from another service, like Feedly or Feedbin. The process creates a smooth transition and can cut personalization time to just a couple of minutes for users not wanting to establish a new feed from the ground up. Mosaiscope’s use of OPML imports is the next step in establishing the innovative news platform as an industry leader.

To check out Mosaiscope and begin exploring the future of news reading, please visit or download the app in the Apple App Store.

About Mosaiscope
Mosaiscope is the next level news platform and the first product of Boulder County, Colo., previously Silicon Valley, based technology company, Enemy Tree, LLC. Presenting a mix of reading options, Mosaiscope appeals to individual needs and facilitates discovery by giving users the option to select both topics and sources, including adding their own sources. The platform is unique in that it works on every device and has no limitations to the array of available sources - if a site has a feed, it can be followed. Both the Basic (free) and Plus services are available on the web at and in the Apple App Store (coming to Android in the near future).

For more information on Mosaiscope, please contact 951-719-1040 or

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Press: California startup lands in Longmont

By: Vince Winkel

Another small Silicon Valley technology company has left the West Coast and chosen Longmont as its home. 

Enemy Tree, which was founded in 2015, is now based in Boulder County. 

The company just unveiled its first product, a free news platform called Mosaiscope. 

"Relocating to Colorado, Mosaiscope is making a strategic decision to tap into the rapidly growing talent pool, as well as gain access to the incredibly active culture of the area," said founder and CEO John Rokos in a news release. 

Mosaiscope is a news content aggregator that allows the user to create news feed sources like favorite news websites and blogs, as well create feeds by topic. Users also have the ability to add their own sources, offering a personalized platform. 

Mosaiscope is free and available on any device online at and in the Apple App Store. 


Press Release: Native iOS App Available, & Our First Month

Mosaiscope in the App Store!

Mosaiscope in the App Store!

Greetings Mosaiscope Fans!

Just when we all figured out how to spell the name of Enemy Tree, LLC’s first product, the free iOS app for iPhone and iPad landed in the iTunes App Store!  Yes, the wait is over.  You can now begin downloading.  GO!

Since our official launch on November 3rd with our responsive web-app, we continue to move forward. Depending mostly on word of mouth to share more about the product, here are a few of the statistics of how things have been going over our first month:

  • Over 450% growth in our user base of the web-app
  • Our first official advertiser has come on board
  • Over 2 million articles have been linked

Whether you are new to our product or have been using it for the past month, we want to continue to be responsive to what our audience wants. With this in mind, the next 6 months are focused on honing in on our Plus subscription service. We plan to go beyond Email Subscribe (which allows you to treat emails like articles), and add Pinpoint Bookmarking (allowing you to bookmark in an article down to the word or even letter to know where you left off). In addition, we are going to begin the process of breaking down barriers to gaining access to additional content (getting beyond pay walls, but not leaving writers holding the bag!).  

Looking forward to sharing our latest and greatest with you, as it develops. In the meantime, why are you still reading this?  

Go download the app from the app store HERE.

Like us on Facebook (Mosaiscope on Facebook & Enemy Tree on Facebook).

And follow us on Twitter (@Mosaiscope & @EnemyTree)

Until soon, and thank you so much for your support!

JOhn Rokos

Founder, CEO, & Product Architect