Press Release: Native iOS App Available, & Our First Month

Mosaiscope in the App Store!

Mosaiscope in the App Store!

Greetings Mosaiscope Fans!

Just when we all figured out how to spell the name of Enemy Tree, LLC’s first product, the free iOS app for iPhone and iPad landed in the iTunes App Store!  Yes, the wait is over.  You can now begin downloading.  GO!

Since our official launch on November 3rd with our responsive web-app, we continue to move forward. Depending mostly on word of mouth to share more about the product, here are a few of the statistics of how things have been going over our first month:

  • Over 450% growth in our user base of the web-app
  • Our first official advertiser has come on board
  • Over 2 million articles have been linked

Whether you are new to our product or have been using it for the past month, we want to continue to be responsive to what our audience wants. With this in mind, the next 6 months are focused on honing in on our Plus subscription service. We plan to go beyond Email Subscribe (which allows you to treat emails like articles), and add Pinpoint Bookmarking (allowing you to bookmark in an article down to the word or even letter to know where you left off). In addition, we are going to begin the process of breaking down barriers to gaining access to additional content (getting beyond pay walls, but not leaving writers holding the bag!).  

Looking forward to sharing our latest and greatest with you, as it develops. In the meantime, why are you still reading this?  

Go download the app from the app store HERE.

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Until soon, and thank you so much for your support!

JOhn Rokos

Founder, CEO, & Product Architect