Press: California startup lands in Longmont

By: Vince Winkel

Another small Silicon Valley technology company has left the West Coast and chosen Longmont as its home. 

Enemy Tree, which was founded in 2015, is now based in Boulder County. 

The company just unveiled its first product, a free news platform called Mosaiscope. 

"Relocating to Colorado, Mosaiscope is making a strategic decision to tap into the rapidly growing talent pool, as well as gain access to the incredibly active culture of the area," said founder and CEO John Rokos in a news release. 

Mosaiscope is a news content aggregator that allows the user to create news feed sources like favorite news websites and blogs, as well create feeds by topic. Users also have the ability to add their own sources, offering a personalized platform. 

Mosaiscope is free and available on any device online at and in the Apple App Store.