Press Release: OPML - Manual Importing Now Available in Custom News Feed Reader



– Mosaiscope Expands Comprehensive Features With OPML Import Capabilities Allowing for Easier, Quicker Transition to App –  

BOULDER COUNTY, Colo. (January 12, 2016)As the next step in the evolution of the intuitive custom news feed reader, Mosaiscope now allows users to easily transfer their favorite sources utilizing an OPML (Outline Processor Markup Language) format for quick manual importing. Mosaiscope, a product of Enemy Tree LLC and the next level news platform, is continuing to challenge the world of RSS news feeds with its user friendly and customizable design. Mosaiscope provides comprehensive news aggregation options by allowing news to be extracted from both sources and topics pre-selected by the user, as well as being able to add their own sources, offering a truly personalized platform. With the new OPML capabilities, users can easily import their feeds from other platforms that offer OPML export, into Mosaiscope’s responsive web-based app. Once the OPML file is uploaded through Mosaiscope’s web interface you can enjoy access to all your newly imported content through every Mosaiscope app, web and iOS.

Recently launched, Mosaiscope is the one-and-only of its kind on the market today and quickly gaining ground to become the leading news platform. With a responsive design unique in that it works on every device and has no limitations to available sources, Mosaiscope allows consumers to keep up with news and personal interests through an innovatively designed, user friendly, and continuously updating platform. Following the initial launch of the web-based app, Mosaiscope quickly launched the iOS app and is now offering even more accessibility with the OMPL imports capabilities through their web interface. Providing new and existing users with the option to simply import their personalized feeds from other platforms allows for a quick and pain-free set-up of their new personalized news platform.

“Everyone is busy – whether it’s family, work or sticking to New Year’s resolutions – we all have a lot going on. Mosaiscope was designed to help ease the stress of staying in-the-know and to alleviate the time spent visiting multiple sites for news. Everyone can have access to their favorite sources and topics right at their fingertips,” said John Rokos, CEO and Product Architect of Enemy Tree, LLC, Founder of Mosaiscope. “With the new OPML import capabilities, we’ve made it even easier to transition from other RSS news aggregation and reading apps to Mosaiscope by allowing a user to simply import their sources from another feed – no need to spend the time meticulously recreating it in Mosaiscope. Mosaiscope truly is the easiest, most flexible way to discover, read and share.”

OPML is an XML format for outlines that has become a common method of exchanging web feeds between web feed aggregators, such as Mosaiscope. Utilizing OPML imports, users have the ability to manually import feeds exported from another service, like Feedly or Feedbin. The process creates a smooth transition and can cut personalization time to just a couple of minutes for users not wanting to establish a new feed from the ground up. Mosaiscope’s use of OPML imports is the next step in establishing the innovative news platform as an industry leader.

To check out Mosaiscope and begin exploring the future of news reading, please visit or download the app in the Apple App Store.

About Mosaiscope
Mosaiscope is the next level news platform and the first product of Boulder County, Colo., previously Silicon Valley, based technology company, Enemy Tree, LLC. Presenting a mix of reading options, Mosaiscope appeals to individual needs and facilitates discovery by giving users the option to select both topics and sources, including adding their own sources. The platform is unique in that it works on every device and has no limitations to the array of available sources - if a site has a feed, it can be followed. Both the Basic (free) and Plus services are available on the web at and in the Apple App Store (coming to Android in the near future).

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