Press Release: More Sharing Options Available in Mosaiscope

We have been super busy here adding all the little options and goodies you would expect in a news reader (like more sharing options), as well as adding incredible new features you would have never thought possible in an application (you will have to wait a little longer before we announce any of those).

Today, I am happy to tell you that we have added additional sharing options to Mosaiscope. On top of being able to share an article by sending someone an email, which was our first sharing option, we have now added two more ways to share. By popular demand, we have added both share to Facebook and share to Twitter.

Both options have been highly requested and we are happy to finally release them. You can find all the sharing options available right now in the responsive web version of Mosaiscope (and some of you may have actually seen these a few days ago when we snuck them in there!). 

As for them being available in the Apple iOS version of Mosaiscope, you will have to wait just a little longer to get access to those. We submitted the updated app, Mosaiscope v1.4, to Apple yesterday, so it will likely be available later this week.

We thank you all for using the app. From the feedback we are getting, you really are loving it and we couldn't be happier. If you are not loving it, we would appreciate your feedback, and to give us an opportunity to improve our offering (email us at: 

We're excited to share our next updates soon. One of the coming updates, which I am very excited about, could be industry changing and likely, our users will not be able to understand how they lived without it for so long. It is the missing link of the reading experience (Are you freaking out with anticipation yet?!). All will be revealed soon.

Thanks again and enjoy the new sharing options.  We will talk again soon!!