Press Release: Mosaiscope™ v4.0, the Next Gen RSS News Reader, Fights Fake-News & Helps Maintain News Org's Ownership of Their Content, All While Introducing Their NEW Collections Feature & BOLD Look



"Collections gives users the ability to collect articles, as well as to subscribe to great collections from other users, and the new look makes the entire experience even more fun and easy to use, all while giving readers choice in selecting their news, and supporting the content creators who make this all possible”  -  Mosaiscope™ Founder, JOhn Rokos

BOULDER COUNTY, Colo. (December 23, 2016, 3 PM MST) - In a time when we are faced with everything from fake news to credible news sources losing control of their distribution network to huge distribution platforms and social networks, and thus losing the ability to make a living, and going out of business at an alarming rate, it’s hard to imaging a company and product pushing in exactly the opposite direction, let alone continuing to improve, innovate, and iterate it’s offering. 

Welcome to Mosaiscope™ v4.0, going live today. Mosaiscope™ continues to push into territory where few dare to tread. The theoretically shrinking space of RSS distribution, and the simple idea that content should be owned buy the content creators, and that readers should have choice in their new sources and not be “fed” news by an algorithm. 

Rather, an RSS aggregator and reader should facilitate both a users ability to stay connected to the content they care about most, AND should display the content in whatever state the creator intended (ads or not, paywall or not), so the site is fully supported. 

As Founder and CEO of Enemy Tree, LLC (parent company of Mosaiscope™), JOhn Rokos says “Our mission from the very beginning was to not only broaden the understanding and use of RSS, but to also help content consumers and creators interact in a mutually beneficial eco system that allows everyone to win”. 

Mosaiscopes™ Bold New Look

Mosaiscopes™ Bold New Look

At the heart of this is the NEW Mosaiscope™ v4.0. It takes the Mosaiscope™ platform to a new level by re-architecting it with a bold new design direction that firmly plants you in the different sections of the robust platform. 

The NEW Collections feature of the platform is a major piece of the new experience. Collections (a +Plus feature) has four major components that make it an exciting offering:

  1. Create & Collect -  Users can create collections of content around a specific idea or interest. These collections can be shared publically, used for research, shared with colleagues and friends, or can be set to private. 
  2. Follow -  Users can follow public collections of content made by other users. 
  3. Suggest -  Users can suggest articles to collections they follow. 
  4. People -  Users can follow individuals to check out when they create new Collections. 
Mosaiscope's™ New "Collections" Feature

Mosaiscope's™ New "Collections" Feature

“Collections is the latest way we have enhanced Mosaiscope™ to bubble up even more great content and to connect our users to each other,” says Founder JOhn Rokos. “It is not meant to be yet another social network. We leave that to the actual social networks and have our built in ‘sharing’ options to allow users to share what they find far and wide. Rather, Collections is mean to provide an outlet to collect articles of interest together, and to further allow others to see these meticulously crafted and curated collections that benefit all of us and our desire to find and experience great content.” 

Even though Mosaiscope™ has a bold new look, don’t think that all the tools and services that users have grown to love have gone missing, like Pinpoint Bookmarking™ or Email Subscribe™. Rather, these ground breaking features are still here and are now even easier to find and use within the new Mosaiscope™ experience. 

The Beloved Pinpoint Bookmarking™ (patent pending) Feature

The Beloved Pinpoint Bookmarking™ (patent pending) Feature

Thank you for your interest in the NEW Mosaiscope™ v4.0. Please let us know if you have any questions. We look forward to hearing from you.

JOhn Rokos

Founder, CEO, & Product Architect

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About Mosaiscope™ 

Mosaiscope™ is the next level news platform and the first product of Boulder County, Colorado (previously Silicon Valley), based startup, Enemy Tree, LLC. Presenting a mix of following/subscribing and reading options, Mosaiscope™ appeals to individual needs and facilitates discovery by giving users the option to select both Topics and Sources, including adding their own Sources, as well as the ability to collect groups of articles in to Collections. The platform is unique in that it works on every device, through their responsive web-app as well as through their iOS app, and has no limitations to the array of available sources - if a site has an RSS feed it can be followed. Both the free Basic service and the subscription based +Plus service are available through the web-app at, and in the iOS App, in the Apple App Store


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