Press Release: Mosaiscope™ v2.0 for iOS with Pinpoint Bookmarking™ launches today

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– Mosaiscope's Most Comprehensive App Update Launches today, and Includes the Industry First Pinpoint Bookmarking –  

BOULDER COUNTY, Colo. (March 8, 2016) – It has been 4 months since the launch of Mosaiscope – the Ultimate Custom News Reader, and we are very proud to announce that we are launching v2.0 of our Apple iOS app.


Available now in the Apple App Store, and optimized for every iOS device from iPhone to iPad Pro, Mosaiscope v2.0 for iOS takes your news reading experience further with new tools and enhancements.


Pinpoint Bookmarking™ in Mosaiscope™ Plus+

Our biggest feature in this release is the Pinpoint Bookmarking™ Plus+ feature. It allows you to pick up exactly where you left off reading an online article.

Bookmarks were great for books, but don’t really work for online content. That’s where Pinpoint Bookmarking™ comes in.

Bookmark, down to the word, exactly where you left off reading an online article.

Whether it’s a long-form article with countless paragraphs and thousand of words, or you just get interrupted while reading a brief online article, simply drop a Pinpoint Bookmark™ and come back to it in your Mosaiscope when the time is right. It will be waiting for you exactly where you left off.


Mark articles as “read” with Mid-List Mark-as-Read


When you subscribe to specific sources in Mosaiscope™ you can keep track of what articles are new. We give you pages of 100 at a time so you can mark them as “read” as you read.

Of course, there are times when you can’t get through your entire list of new headlines and have to do something else. There is no need to go back through the entire list of headlines—trying to determine which headlines you have already seen and which are new.

With Mid-List Mark-as-Read, you don’t have to waste time or use guesswork.  Just 2-finger pinch-out on any headline to reveal the mid-list menu. Either mark everything above as “read” to remove everything you have already seen, or mark everything that exists as “unread” as “read”. It’s your choice, and you can access it anytime in your sources list.


A Re-Imagined Store Experience

Our store is one of our customers’ favorite features. Whether you are looking for broad topics to follow or specific news sources, you can find both in our store.

The original store was great, until there were too many topics and sources to easily comb through to discover new content.

With our updated store experience, we have highlighted items in a “Featured” section.  This includes favorites and up-and-coming sites.  We have also included a “Popular” section, which showcases the most subscribed to topics and sources.

Below the “Featured” section, we still offer unfiltered access to everything, including a new quick-search box to filter through the ever-growing list of items even more quickly.


And more, and more, and more….

These are just some of the updates that we have made, and some of the most noticeable ones you will come across while using the app. We have also added more images to headlines, made countless improvements on the backend to speed up content delivery, refined search results, allow you to even more easily add your own URL’s and RSS feeds through our built-in search…, and so much more.

With Mosaiscope™ v2.0 for iOS, with Pinpoint Bookmarking™, we couldn’t be more proud of the advances we have made, and we will continue to deliver great features that enhance your online reading experience.

And, for the next few months, as we add several more Plus+ tools, we will continue to offer Mosaiscope™ Plus+ as a free trial, including our Pinpoint Bookmarking™ feature - beyond the usual 3 month free trial - so you can enjoy all the great tools that Mosaiscope™ Plus+ offers above and beyond our free Basic service.

Download Mosaiscope™ v2.0 for iOS at the Apple App Store today.


About Mosaiscope™
Mosaiscope™ is the next level news platform and the first product of Boulder County, Colorado (previously Silicon Valley) based technology company, Enemy Tree, LLC. Presenting a mix of reading options, Mosaiscope™ appeals to individual needs and facilitates discovery by giving users the option to select both topics and sources, including adding their own sources. The platform is unique in that it works on every device and has no limitations to the array of available sources - if a site has a feed, it can be followed. Both the Basic (free) and Plus+ services are available on the web at and in the Apple App Store (coming to Android in the near future).

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