Press Release: Mosaiscope™ v3.0 for iOS and Web with Daily Summary and more... launches today!



– Mosaiscope's BIGGEST Update Launches today, and Includes the incredible Daily Summary feature –  

BOULDER COUNTY, Colo. (August 9, 2016) – It has been 5 months since our second Mosaiscope update, and we are very proud to announce that we are launching v3.0 of our Apple iOS app, as well as to our Web App. 


Available now in the Apple App Store, and optimized for every iOS device from iPhone to iPad Pro, Mosaiscope v3.0 for iOS makes the news reading experience even more convenient.

The new "daily summary" shown on ipad pro

The new "daily summary" shown on ipad pro

Take a quick peak with the new "Daily Summary"

You can subscribe to broad Topics and specific Sources in Mosaiscope™. That can turn into a lot of content very quickly. To help give you a quick peak at what the most interesting items are in all your content we created the "Daily Summary". Issued every morning, and looking back over the past 24 hrs, it pulls out the 10 most popular, most interesting articles. Only have a few minuets to see what's going on in your world, the Daily Summary is your go to.

It was our most requested feature, being able to get a quick take of what was going on on a daily basis, so we added it so you can get the most out of your Mosaiscope™, even if you only have a few minuets. Much like all our social media feeds, there always ends up being to much to follow. Being able to get a quick glimpse of what's going on in your world, especially based on your interests, is sometimes exactly what you are looking for.

We didn't stop there. We wanted to make sure you could easily find previous Daily Summary's, as you never know what days news will inspire, create reflection, or spur debate. That's why we also included an archive of all your daily summaries, to allow you to quickly reference what was interesting the day, week, month, or even year before. 

No matter how much time you have there is always time for a Daily Summary.

Streamlined On-boarding Process

To all our existing users, this won't be earth shattering, except to confirm that the on-boarding process we had before was, lets just say, less than ideal. It made sense at the time, but our stats showed us that it hurt more than it helped. So we redesigned it.

The old on-boarding process involved about 15 screens, mostly of education (hey, we really wanted you to know all the cool details of the app. But we get it. It was overkill), and once you made it through all that you still needed to wade through our store to find content. 

Not anymore! Now, with 3 simple steps, you create an account, select Topics and Sources from a limited version of our store (you still have access to the full store through the search function built into this part of the process), and by the 3rd screen you are in the app with content. Yea, it's way better.

From there, if you want, you can Tag items into groups, you can find an add more content from the store, and you can add anything specific you want through pasting the URL (works best with a specific RSS URL) into our Search function. It's a streamlined system that we think is going to surprise and delight all our new users. And, to our existing users, thanks for making it through the old clunky process (quality takes time). 

Integrated How-To's

Instead of including all that education up front during the on-boarding process, we created a much more elegant, integrated, solution. We have built the framework to offer in-app education bubbles. 

We are starting with 3 simple education bubbles. One that highlights Topics, one that highlights Sources, and one that highlights the inside of the side-menu (also called "more"). 

Over time we will add more of these education bubbles, in a minimalist, non-intrusive, slowly revealing, time delayed, and relevant way. Although we are going for a minimalist and simple product with Mosaiscope™, we also strive for it to be very robust in its functionality as well.

"Simple" doesn't have to be "Simplistic", and keeping the design minimal usually means hiding feature and functionality just out of sight. This creates the opportunity for us to include these minimal education bubbles throughout the app to help you get more out of your Mosaiscope™ experience.  

More, more, more...

With Mosaiscope™ we always try to give you more. This major v3.0 update is no different. Aside from the major changes listed above there are a host of smaller changes that all go into making Mosaiscope™ the best news and interest app in the world. 

Things like:

  • Editing - previously only available through the web-app, you now have full editing capabilities in the iOS app (naming, tags, sorting...)
  • Email Subscribe™ - Since the news letters and offer emails you get in your Mosaiscope™ Email Subscribe™ are as much content as the Sources and Topics you follow, we have moved Email Subscribe™ to the main "Home" window, with it's own dedicated tab across the top of the screen.
  • Pinpoint Bookmarking™ - we are moving through the patent process on this feature. It is so unique and useful that we just had to. And, since we constantly get feedback that people love this feature beyond belief I think we really hit onto something special with it.
  • Side-Bar Redesign - Inside the side-bar you see all the Topics and Sources you have subscribed to. Changing items, and even figuring out how to sign out, were less than obvious. So, we cleaned up the entire experience and made it much more intuitive (especially now that full "Editing" is available in iOS). 
  • Plus+ Subscriptions - Ever since we launched 10 months ago we have let all our users know that we have been just on the verge of implementing our Plus+ subscription. We wanted to give you all the heads up that we are approximately 30-60 days away from turning that on. However, since new users get to experience Mosaiscope's™ Plus+ tools for free for 3 months to start, we are not going to turn on the timer for all our users until we officially launch the Plus+ subscriptions. That means, for all our existing users who have used all our Plus+ tools for free since we launched (like Email Subscribe™, Pinpoint Bookmarking™, Power Sync...) you will continue to get to use them for free for an additional 3 months after we launch the Plus+ subscriptions. And, Plus+ subscribers will continue to get access to all the Plus+ tools that are on the way (like Power Search, Power Views, and a BIG one that will hit by year end). 
  • More... - All of this, on top of the constant refinements, changes, updates, fixes... that we tirelessly work on to keep Mosaiscope™ the leader in news readers. 

Download Mosaiscope™ v3.0 for iOS at the Apple App Store today, or check it out on the web at


About Mosaiscope™
Mosaiscope™ is the next level news platform and the first product of Boulder County, Colorado (previously Silicon Valley) based technology company, Enemy Tree, LLC. Presenting a mix of reading options, Mosaiscope™ appeals to individual needs and facilitates discovery by giving users the option to select both topics and sources, including adding their own sources. The platform is unique in that it works on every device and has no limitations to the array of available sources - if a site has a feed, it can be followed. Both the Basic (free) and Plus+ services are available on the web at and in the Apple App Store.

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