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Screenshot from 1MillionCups Website featuring Mosaiscope™ & Enemy Tree, LLC™

Screenshot from 1MillionCups Website featuring Mosaiscope™ & Enemy Tree, LLC™

A big thank you to 1MillionCups for allowing me to speak at their Denver MeetUp back in June of last year. They just added the brief profile of Mosaiscope™ and Enemy Tree, LLC™ to their website. An honor, indeed. 

For those looking for a great place to get involved in their local business community as well as to meet some great people, learn about startups, and to hear from startups in your area, 1MillionCups is an excellent resource. There are over 100 groups in cities all across the nation. And, if you have a startup yourself and want to get quality group feedback and get that ever so important practice time in front of an audience, this is the place to do it. 

1MillionCups was started and is supported by the Kauffman Foundation, so it's legit and professional. I can confirm that from my experience. From the online mini-course you go through to the professional training videos to make sure you are prepared for your presentation, it was all very well done, and all in an effort to help you be the best you can be. I love stuff like that. 

From Alaska, to Colorado, to Florida, there is likely a group near you. As an entrepreneur, it's nice to get any help and feedback you can get and I am thankful that I had the 1MillionCups experience. I still regularly attend the Denver and Boulder groups here in Colorado and look forward to hitting up the the other Colorado groups in Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, & Gunnison Valley over the next year, along with stopping at a few in other states as the opportunity arrises. 

Until then, and thanks again to 1MillionCups and all their volunteers that make it happen. It's well worth the effort. 

JOhn Rokos

Founder, CEO, & Product Architect

Enemy Tree, LLC™

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Rocket Yard App Review: Mosaiscope Offers New Way To Look At News, RSS feeds

Rocket Yard App Review: Mosaiscope Offers New Way To Look At News, RSS feeds

Read this fantastic review we received form Rocket Yard. Here's a quick quote from the review:

"Mosaiscope is fast, stable, and the developer has a long-term strategy for how the app will develop over time. It’s designed for choice, providing readers with options for discovery, views, and the devices they wish to read on. If you’re not personally thrilled with Apple’s News app and want to try something different, Mosaiscope is worth a close look."

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Apple World Today Review: Mosaiscope offers iOS users a powerful news reader, feed aggregator and more

Apple World Today Review: Mosaiscope offers iOS users a powerful news reader, feed aggregator and more

Read this fantastic review we received form Apple World Today. Here's a quick quote from the review:

"That's essentially the bottom line with Mosaiscope - the app gives readers plenty of choice in terms of how they want to discover or read news, how they want to see that news, and even what device they want to read it on. It's speedy, bug-free, and Enemy Tree appears to have a long-range strategy for the app -- something that even Apple doesn't seem to have for its News app. While Mosaiscope might not appeal to every iOS user, it's definitely worth giving a try and at the present price point -- free -- downloading it to take a look is a no-brainer."
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Press: Why I Moved My New Tech Biz To Longmont

My name is John Rokos. I moved my company and family to Longmont about 25 days ago. Prior to Longmont we were residing in Silicon Valley. I had been there for a little over eight years. Nearly six of those years were spent at Tesla Motors, the electric car company.

I had an amazing career there and was able to make some major contributions that were the foundation, if not still the systems and processes they use today, to run the company and interact with customers.

Inspired by Elon Musk, Tesla’s CEO, and all the incredible people I worked with there at Tesla, and filled with ideas of my own that had been nagging at me for years, I decided to strike out on my own about 2 years ago. The project I finally chose was creating a news aggregation platform.

To explain what one of these news aggregators are, also referred to as RSS News Aggregators, they allow you to subscribe to your favorite websites and they pull together, all in one place, all the updates and news stories from these sites, instead of you having to go to each site individually and scroll through the new content only to stop when you see something that looks familiar.

The Longmont Compass would be an example of one of these sites as it is constantly updated with content all day every day, and it has one of these RSS feeds. So, for example, I could subscribe to the Longmont Compass, Wired Magazine, the New York Times, the Denver Post, a cooking blog,… and an endless number of other websites. And all their new articles get pulled together, aggregated, into your one Mosaiscope feed. You can even mark articles as read so the next time you come back your Mosaiscope you know exactly where you left off and what’s new.

I chose this news aggregation platform project, as many entrepreneurs do, out of my own frustration with what currently existed. Similar products either let you subscribe to either just specific sources OR just general topics. I wanted a platform that could do both. And, with that inspiration and direction to make something better I created my company, Enemy Tree, LLC, and our first product, Mosaiscope.

Nearly a year-and-a-half was put into getting the project started in a significant way. From just having basic conversations with friends, and friends of friends, to building the vocabulary I needed to fined the people I was looking for and getting to the solutions I was hoping for, to finding the actual developers & designers to make the idea reality. At that point we started on Mosaiscope.

Many months later, after many iterations of the product during development, we finally launched Mosaiscope.com. Initially it was just the web app version, available at www.mosaiscope.com. There, you could, on any device as long as you have a web browser and an internet connection, create an account and sign in to start subscribing to either specific sources you want to follow online (again, like the Longmont Compass), or general topics of interest (like the topic of “Longmont_CO” that we have). We even have a store built into the platform so you can browse both topics and sources. But we don’t stop there, because if there is a specific source you want to follow but you don’t see it in the store, all that needs to be done is to copy the URL from that website and paste it into Mosaiscope’s search and we will scour their website to find the RSS feed and allow you to subscribe to it. Most of the time we can find the news feed, other times it takes a bit more detective work on the individual’s part to find the specific URL for the RSS feed before we can set up the subscription.

Just a few weeks later we finished the Apple iOS app version of the product and added it to the Apple App Store, which allows for a beautiful, native, app experience on any Apple iOS mobile device – from iPhone to iPad Pro.

At this point I found myself with a product that was gaining users like crazy, a business that was growing just as fast, and a dilemma of what to do next. The developers I found and am working with are located in Wisconsin. The PR and Marketing firm I work with are located in Los Angeles. Both are contractors at the moment and the only “official” employee of the startup is me. I could see that the business was growing so fast that there is a strong likelihood we were going to add actual employees in the next 6-12 months and, considering the many issues I had trying to find local talent in Silicon Valley (most people I talked to there – with expectations set by local companies like Apple, Google, Facebook, Twitter… – wanted incredible sums of compensation even to think about joining the company… something not possible with my budget) only to end up finding people elsewhere in the country, I needed to make a choice. Where did I really want to live and grow the company?

This started the search for where to move for the next phase of the company’s existence. Immediately, four locations came to the top of the list: Boulder County Colorado, Portland Oregon, Seattle Washington, or Austin Texas. Very quickly the search narrowed to just Boulder County Colorado.

A combination of my love of outdoor activities, especially activities in the mountains, plus access to a huge talent pool that the area provides made this the main target. On top of that, the local field narrowed to Longmont just as quickly. Things like great infrastructure – good schools, NextLight… – affordable housing and office space, and quality people in a quality community made Longmont the logical choice.

I have now been here approximately 25 days, the business is growing faster than ever, and as I work from my home office I see the growth leading to my need to tap into the local talent pool to grow it beyond what it is already achieving over the next year.

I’m so happy to be a part of the Longmont community. I’m grateful to have the opportunity to tell a little bit of my story here on the Longmont Compass, and I hope you will give our product, Mosaiscope, a try, either at www.mosaiscope.com or by downloading the app from the Apple App Store. Maybe you will even subscribe to the Longmont Compass and other local news sources, as well as any other sources that are part of what you read on a daily basis online, through Mosaiscope. We have worked very hard to make it an amazing experience and have way more on the drawing board that should excite users for years to come.

Thank you, Longmont, for being so welcoming. We look forward to a long and growing business in the local area and look forward to meeting many of you out in the parks and on the mountain. Here’s to a great 2016!

Press: California startup lands in Longmont

By: Vince Winkel

Another small Silicon Valley technology company has left the West Coast and chosen Longmont as its home. 

Enemy Tree, which was founded in 2015, is now based in Boulder County. 

The company just unveiled its first product, a free news platform called Mosaiscope. 

"Relocating to Colorado, Mosaiscope is making a strategic decision to tap into the rapidly growing talent pool, as well as gain access to the incredibly active culture of the area," said founder and CEO John Rokos in a news release. 

Mosaiscope is a news content aggregator that allows the user to create news feed sources like favorite news websites and blogs, as well create feeds by topic. Users also have the ability to add their own sources, offering a personalized platform. 

Mosaiscope is free and available on any device online at www.mosaiscope.com and in the Apple App Store.